Our Story

FreightRover is the intersection between transportation and technology.
Founded in 2017, we’ve built a revolutionary platform for both freight exchange and streamlined carrier payments. Our purpose is clear: to provide a much-needed connection point for all players in the transportation industry, as you move freight around the world.


Our leadership team is uniquely experienced in both transportation and innovative technologies. We work to listen to and address the needs of our users.


Our desire to produce a robust, yet easy-to-use platform runs deep. Our app won’t change your current processes. You know what works best for your company.


No task is out of sight for our team. We address fractions within transportation, brainstorm solutions, and make those ideas a reality.

The Crossroads of America

We aren't headquartered in New York or L.A. Instead, our headquarters reflect our connection to the transportation industry. Indianapolis is located at a junction between 4 major interstate highways, and transportation runs through the veins of the city. Our office is located about a block out from the center of Indianapolis, at 155 East Market Street.

Client Success

All too often, we see high-tech companies that put out a great product, but are impossible to reach on a personal level. Usability is our #1 concern. Our Client Success Managers are highly-skilled in the FreightRover platform and have a background in transportation, meaning app assistance is always just a phone call away.


Our sales and client success teams collaborate daily with our development team to create a product that truly reflects the needs of shippers/3PLs, carriers and drivers. We work to fill in the gaps of the transportation industry, without changing our users' current business processes. We've built a conduit, so you remain in control.

Building a User Community

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Our Process

At the corner of our process is the understanding that we need to listen. Then we turn what we learn into software that works.

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    We listen to shippers, carriers, and drivers to identify issues in how they currently manage freight.

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    We talk everything out and drill down to the heart of the issue, in order to provide a one-of-a-kind solution.

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    Our developers get to work building the new functionality into the FreightRover app and web portal.

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    After extensive testing, we put our ideas into action. Our users enjoy a product that is tried and true.


With over 100 years combined experience in the transportation industry, you’re in good hands.

Eric Meek

Eric Meek

CEO & President
Danny Williams

Danny Williams

Chief Operating Officer
Tammy Stouffer

Tammy Stouffer

Vice President of Finance & Treasurer
Lauren Howard

Lauren Howard

VP of Client Success & Marketing

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