Capacity issues are plaguing the transportation industry. There’s a need for more shipping capacity, and yet the number of drivers is shrinking rapidly.

Through its latest release, FreightRover, the leading digital freight marketplace, is now readily available within Manhattan’s Transportation Management System.

Manhattan has partnered with FreightRover to give shippers the ability to find capacity matches for their specific freight needs. Manhattan TMS users can now utilize FreightRover’s Freight xChange service to efficiently locate and contract dependable, cost-effective alternative carriers, reduce turn-down rates, and expedite payment services.

“Finding capacity is becoming increasingly difficult, forcing shippers to look beyond their core carriers to meet their freight needs,” said Gregg Lanyard, Director of Product Management for Manhattan Associates. “Manhattan is pleased to partner with FreightRover to solve the biggest problem bottleneck facing today’s supply chain. By leveraging today’s shared economy, our TMS customers can quickly and easily find new carriers without compromising their standards for safety, security and service.”

Manhattan TMS users now have access to:

  • Transparent load details and pricing
  • The ability to offer your loads to your preferred carriers, or the open market
  • Negotiation-free capacity
  • Real-time load tracking
  • Extended payment terms at no cost through FreightRover’s PayEngine, while carriers get paid in as little as 24-hours

To activate FreightRover within your Manhattan TMS, simply fill out the form below to get started. To learn more about the full integration, click here.