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Global Freight Visibility


This fully configurable app supports carriers with a comprehensive workflow. Documents maintain quality while compressing size, ensuring minimal data usage.

Document Management

Cloud-Based TMS


Manage every aspect of your logistics and distribution operations with the same transportation management system (TMS) technology used by the world's largest companies.

Logistics TMS Software


Gain Unlimited Access to Trucking Companies Insurance Certificates, Monitoring, Qualification and Onboarding - Only with SaferWatch.

Safety Services


project44 automates and provides visibility into the entire shipment lifecycle across multiple modes of transportation including LTL, volume LTL, Full Truckload and Intermodal/Rail.

API Solutions


Fleet Communication

Insurance Offerings


Comdata's by trip coverage allows users to purchase permits per trip. Comdata also offers hotel and fuel discounts to save you money on the road.

Fleet Pay Solutions

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