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2-Way TMS Integration

Data flows seamlessly both ways between our platform and your TMS

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FreightRover was born from the simple understanding that the transportation industry needs better technology for everyone. We started (as most tech start-ups do) with a modest team of 2 developers, 2 product managers, one sales-person, a client success manager, and the president. Since that time, our team has grown exponentially. We were acquired in May of 2017, and moved from the east side of Indianapolis to our downtown location in July of 2017. We’ve been hard at work developing new software to streamline freight management from here ever since, and the rest is history!

Freight Made Simple

Our desktop platform is robust in features, but simple to use. From the main dashboard, users have the option to search or build loads, manage drivers, message contacts, track loads, view documents, and take care of billing.

But as awesome as our portal may be, we know that ease of use is the top priority. That’s why we’ve built two-way TMS connection, so that users never even have to log into FreightRover.  Instead, manage business through the TMS as usual, and our load, tracking, document, and payment data will transmit through EDI or API connection into the TMS without a hitch.

With an On-the-Go App

While users utilize the desktop portal most often, they might not have a desktop or laptop handy every time they want to track a load, or assign a driver. And for those instances, we built a dynamic, lite version of our portal. The mobile app has all the features our users utilize most, in an intelligent, intuitive interface.

Search Load

Based on visibility rules set by the shipper, carriers search and select loads.

Select Load

Carrier selects a load, which is then automatically awarded and published in the TMS.


Carriers select among flexible pay terms by load, including same-day pay.

Track Load

Shippers and carriers receive real-time analytics and tracking on the load as it moves.

Scan Docs

Carrier completes the load and uploads paperwork for shipper approval.

Finalize Load

Carrier receives payment based on pay term selection. Shipper pays using pre-negotiated financing terms.

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Subscription Fees

What are the subscription fees for FreightRover? $0. There is no monthly subscription fee. It is always free to post and free to search loads.

TMS Integration

FreightRover is fully functional without a TMS. But, our platform can integrate with any TMS so that data flows without disruption to your current processes.

Set Up Process

Your personal Client Success Manager will take care of set up and will be there for you every step of the way.

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